Patients recognize the importance of dental treatment for the health and appearance of their teeth. However, making a single payment for certain services is sometimes a deterrent to proceeding with treatment. Although payment is due at time of service for all but orthodontic care, Dental Care Associates offers the following financing/payment options.

CREDIT CARDS:  All dental services can be charged on bank credit cards. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Visa, Mastercard Discover and American Express.


DEBIT CARDS:  Patients who prefer using a debit card may use a MAC or ATM card to pay for services.


DENTAL CREDIT CARD:  CARE CREDIT is an organization that extends credit for dental treatment. Some financing is interest free. For example, if the amount financed is greater than $300 but less than $700, financing is interest free for three (3) months. If the amount financed is greater than $700, financing is interest free for six (6) months. The Care Credit card can be used each time dental services are obtained at any Dental Care Associates’ office.


ORTHODONTIC FINANCING:  Dental Care Associates finances orthodontic treatment and spreads the payments over 24 months. The financing is interest free.

The office manager at each dental office can explain the details of these financing/payment plans and help you decide which option is best for you.