Orthodontic Dentistry

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Orthodontics is a specialized form of dentistry that deals with the treatment of crooked teeth and incorrect bites. Orthodontists use braces and retainers to move the teeth and jaws into proper alignment.  After a course of active orthodontic treatment, patients will typically wear retainers, which maintain the teeth in their improved positions while surrounding bone reforms around them.

Retainers are generally worn full-time from just a month to a year, then retainers are often worn part-time.  This period is often at night during sleep. This period will continue for as long as the orthodontist recommends.  As a person ages, teeth will crowd. Therefore, there is no guarantee that teeth will stay aligned without retainer use. For this reason, many orthodontists prescribe night-time or part-time retainer wear for many years after orthodontic treatment. Older orthodontic patients are more likely to need retainer usage throughout their life.


Do you have an irregular bite? Do you have crooked teeth? Then you may need orthodontic work.


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